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Create Your Own Autumn Wreath

Posted by on October 5, 2018
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There is beauty around us all every day. It’s often overlooked for any number of reasons, but if you look hard enough, you will find it! When you do, share it in the comments or by using #FindBeautyFriday.
Need a little nudge? On Friday’s we will post our suggestions for creative ways to notice all of the beautiful things in your life more often. And maybe include a fun art project in the mix! 

The fall weather is upon us and the perfect way to appreciate what’s around you is to simply go for a walk!

This time of year the ground is covered with bright, colorful leaves falling from the trees. With the help of a wire wreath frame (or even a few old coat hangers), you could make a seasonal decoration simply from what you gather during your walk. Breathe in the fresh autumn air as you collect a small bag of whatever leaves or pieces of nature catch your eye. When you return home weave the stems of the leaves between the wires to hold it in place, layering the larger leaves in back and the smaller leaves in front. Over time the leaves will dry out. Some will retain a pleasant shape and color, but if the look of a leaf within your wreath is no longer beautiful to you, carefully pull it out trying not to disturb any of the other leaves around it and then go for another walk to find some fresh leaves! Happy Autumn!

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Autumn Wreathe


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