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Beauty Beyond Borders – Managua 2015

Posted by on June 20, 2015
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Last week Beauty Beyond Borders traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to work with over 35 individuals of all different ages from 3 unique communities. The photos above are the group photos from each of the 4 photo walks we took within these communities.

Each participant was given one of the hand-painted Beauty Beyond Borders t-shirts that were created at the paint night events held prior to the trip.  They were also given a digital camera and were told to take photos of anything within their community that they consider to be beautiful and has meaning to them.  At the end of the photo walk, each participant looked through all the photos they had taken and chose their favorite.  They then explained to the group their reasoning behind choosing this photo as their favorite.

Each of these individual’s photos and their story behind the photos will be posted on our Facebook page ( At the end of the week we printed out the group photo and favorite photo for each individual so they could have an additional reminder of their experience with Beauty Beyond Borders and the beauty they acknowledged in their life.

Beauty Beyond Borders delivers their printed photos to the Nueva Vida community

Thank you again to everyone who helped make this trip possible. We could not have succeeded in all we wanted to do for these communities without your support!

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