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Maritza Narvaez Photo Collection

Posted by on March 17, 2014

“My experience with Beauty Beyond Borders was one of the greatest experiences I´ve ever had. It showed me how beautiful life is through taking pictures, looking beyond what the world looks like. I also had a lot of fun with this project spending time with friends and having new experiences.” – Maritza Narvaez


Click the image to view the full photo.


2 Responses to Maritza Narvaez Photo Collection

  1. Amy

    Beautiful collection of photos. Quite a few of them evoke such strong emotion. I love “Dogs”!

    • Beauty Beyond Borders

      The beautiful thing about photography is the memories and moments in time that you can capture visually and hold on to forever. Since this photo was taken Scamp, the larger dog on the right, has passed away. So not only is ‘Dogs’ a great photo from an outsider’s perspective, it also means a great deal to Maritza personally and is one of her favorite photos as well. Glad you enjoy her collection!

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