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Maxdoniel Cruz Photo Collection

Posted by on March 10, 2014

From the beginning, this project was a very interesting experience for me, because I was learning about photography and for me it was a totally different world.

I learned that behind an image there is always a story and that sometimes there are pictures that remain in the heart.

I have taken a lot of photos of places I like and the wonders that are so close to us in our country—only a few steps away—places that remain in your memory that you never forget. When taking a photograph that other people see and they tell you that it’s a nice view or a beautiful place and they hope to be able to go there, I think and say to myself…I was there.” – Maxdoniel Cruz


Click the image to view the full photo.



2 Responses to Maxdoniel Cruz Photo Collection

  1. Amy

    This is a gorgeous set of photos! It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite!

  2. Sue

    Maxdoniel, I agree with Amy, it was hard to pick a favorite, well done!! I love the way you added character to your photos; of the bottle and people @ the beach. Fun!!

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