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Beauty Beyond Borders About - Nueva Vida


Our Vision

Appreciate true beauty to live life positively”

Appreciation | Beauty | Positivity


Sometimes, it seems as if the world is full of dark stories and dangers that lurk behind every corner, making the “beauty within” difficult to find. Despite the negativity, there is beauty all around us that should not go overlooked. Recognizing and appreciating that beauty will lead to a more positive and fulfilled life.


Our Mission

Beauty Beyond Borders is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which seeks to ignite people’s creativity and inspire people to see the existing beauty around us all. We encourage people to capture and share memorable and beautiful moments that may initially get overlooked in order to realize and appreciate the true essence of beauty in our lives.

The goal of the organization is to give struggling communities the tools to open people’s eyes to all of the “non-traditional” beautiful moments this world has to offer by fostering their artistic expression and self-exploration through art-related education and global social events. The outcome of these events are then shared with the world via social media and supported by local events in order to inspire others to join in this self-reflection and appreciate the beauty that exists within their own lives.



To learn more about how you can support Beauty Beyond Borders e-mail us at